Thoughts on Religious Freedom

In this response to brother Daniel Haqiqatjou, I argue that religious freedom in America came primarily from the efforts of devout believers; and though skeptics like Jefferson found common cause with those believers, religious freedom is not an inherently anti-religious concept. Hence, Muslims in American can firmly and authentically support it.

Confessions of a Traitor

When I was young my mother had a close friend from Cyprus. I grew up hearing her tell horrifying stories of the Turks' invasion of her home. This woman was very beloved to me. When told her in 1992 I had become a Muslim, the look of shock and anger on her face was hard to bear. "No, Randy, no!" she wailed. She had known me since I was in my mother's womb. I knew I had let her down, sold her out, betrayed her.

Your bad character can drive Muslims out of their religion

When you hear about someone leaving Islam, you may imagine it has something to do with religious beliefs. On some technical level it surely does. But I think the reason usually has nothing to do with, say, rational rejection of one of the six pillars of faith. Rather, most people I've known who left Islam did so because they became disillusioned. And nothing causes a Muslim to feel disillusioned about Islam but the bad character of other Muslims.